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Trailer Maintenance 101 - ShoreLand'r Boat Trailers

May 2022

IDA GROVE, Iowa — Fishermen are on the cusp of big weekend openers. Skiing is just a breath away with weather warming up. Party barges are brought out of storage just in time for the first three-day weekend.

And ShoreLand'r makes sure all get to the water reliably.

Just like waxing the hull of your ski boat, organizing tackle, and filling coolers, prepping your boat trailer will continue to scratch that itch for the summer months and make sure you do so safely. Here are a few dos and don'ts to consider while preparing your ShoreLand'r for the boating season:

Do have your hubs' bearings checked annually. A ShoreLand'r dealer has the know-how to determine if bearings should be repacked. Don't be that user who only pumps grease into the bearing protectors! A pro knows the inside and outside bearings need a good look.

Don't use a painted trailer in salt, brackish, or acidic water. Even one dunk in these corrosive bodies of water can doom your trailer's steel in a very short time. If you frequent these areas, make sure your trailer is galvanized or aluminum for longer life. Even with these materials, there will be components - like chassis springs - that will need to be replaced over time. Make sure you use genuine ShoreLand'r parts!

Do check your coupler and wiring for signs of wear. These are the lifelines to your vehicle. An unsecure connection can ruin an entire boating season. Make sure the coupler fits as intended and is secured with a safety pin or lock, as well as crossed-over safety chains. If you have a swing tongue, make sure the wiring is not pinched or damaged in any way.

Don't assume tires are road ready. Check the pressure per the noted amount on the side wall. Make sure there are no cracks in the sidewall or any debris sticking from the tires. If you see uneven wear, have the trailer's axle checked by an alignment shop.

Do check the integrity of the overall trailer. A boat trailer is a piece of equipment that few think about until a problem surfaces. A great day at the lake can be assured with an overview of the entire trailer. Check to make sure all nuts and bolts are tight. Older trailers should be reviewed for structural integrity. Years of rough roads and a boat packed with a weeks of vacation goods can also affect a trailer's integrity.

With your trailer maintained and road ready, you'll be prepared to go the extra mile this summer!