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Take a “Brake” for Towing Safety

November 2009

IDA GROVE, Iowa — Do you know the minimum safe stopping distance of your vehicle and boat trailer towing package? Are you familiar with your state’s trailering brake laws?

Many consumers are neither aware of their state’s brake laws, nor the serious potential hazards of towing a boat without trailer brakes. Yet many trailers continue to be sold without brakes in states that specifically require them. In most cases this is simply due to a lack of consumer awareness and a lack of enforcement of the laws.

While most states require brakes on trailers with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 3,000 pounds or more, there isn’t much consistency or a national standard across the United States. Typically it becomes the dealers’ judgement and responsibility to install brakes in those states that require them and in many cases, this is simply not happening.

ShoreLand’r is leading the boat trailer industry by making trailer brakes standard equipment for increased towing safety. In 2000, ShoreLand’r announced that they would install hydraulic surge brakes on all of their trailers rated at 3,000 lbs. or higher GVWR. Today, they continue to be the only manufacturer to factory install brakes as standard equipment on these size trailers.

“Many consumers don’t realize how difficult it can be to stop their boat and trailer package and tow vehicle in an emergency stop without trailer brakes. The small cost of adding trailer brakes can protect a much larger investment in their boat, trailer and tow vehicle,” says Don Rusch, Marketing Manager for Midwest Industries. “We believe that as an industry leader, we must address the need for factory-installed brakes on these trailers to ensure a greater margin of safety for the consumer.”

For more information about brake laws in your state contact your local Department of Transportation office, or visit for links to individual state DOT offices.

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