STEP #5 (cont.)


Winch Measurement

Fishing Series (both) -

Big Bracket FS Winch

Small Bracket FS Winch

  • Record winch-post position by measuring from rear of coupler (RC) to front of winch post (FW).
  • Record bow-stop bracket position by indicating the numbers (1-11) that correspond to the two holes on the post and the letter assigned to the holes on the bracket (A or B).

Telescoping -

  • Record winch-post position by measuring from front of tongue channel (TC) to rear of outside-winch-channel (OW) at top of tongue.
  • Record winch-post angle by noting bolt position A, B, or C. On 2 x 3 models with 3 x 3 tongues, there is an additional adjustment, D.
  • Record telescoping length by locating the measurement indicated on front of inside-winch-channel where it meets the outside winch channel.

Profile 2000 -

  • Record winch-post base position by measuring from front of tongue channel (TC) to winch-post position at top of tongue (TT).
  • Record winch-post base depth by indicating short (7”), medium (9”), or long (14”).
  • Record winch-post angle by noting winch-post base bolt position number 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 and corresponding bolt position letter on winch-holder case, A or B (For example, 1A).
  • Record strap position by noting bow stop roller position X, Y, or Z. Strap must be positioned so it is in horizontal plane to bow eye.

Special (SP) -

  • Record winch-post weldment position (L) by measuring the length between the front of the tongue channel (TC) and rear of winch-post weldment.
  • Record height (H) of winch-holder channel by measuring from the top of the tongue to the bottom of the winch-holder channel.
  • Record the position of the bow-pivot plate by noting the bolt position in the winch-holder channel, DD1, DD2 or DD3, and the bow-pivot plate, CC1 or CC2 (DD1/CC2 for example).

PWC SP Winch -

  • Record length of tongue by noting bolt position A or B.
  • Record PWC winch-post position by measuring these two distances:
    • Front of tongue channel (TC) to front of front U-bolt (FUB).
    • Front of tongue channel (TC) to front of rear U-bolt (RUB).
  • Record angle of PWC winch post by noting bolt position (C, D, or E) that passes through PWC winch-post and brace.



  • Measure each area twice for correct measurement. Measure exactly where “ShoreLand’r’s Boat-to-Trailer Fit” pictures show.
  • Record the measurements on the blueprint.
  • Leave inapplicable measurements blank.
  • After entering your information, please enter your name, date and distributorship on blueprint.
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