STEP #5 (cont.)


STEP #5: Record the Appropriate Measurements...
for bunks/rollers, axle, and winch post with appropriate ShoreLand'r blueprint form.

Rear of Bunks/Rollers

Measure from outside of support tube mounting base plate to inside of side frame. Record this measurement.

If roller trailers are equipped with hull stabilizers, set the stabilizers 1/2" beyond the strake closest to the outside of the boat. If this is not possible, set the stabilizers 1/2" to the inside of the strake which is closest to the outside of the boat. Raise the stabilizer flush to the hull.

Front of Bunks

Measure from outside bunk bracket to inside of side frame.
Record this measurement.

Keel Roller Assembly on Roller Trailers
The support system adjustment varies for 2 X 3 and 2 X 4 frames.

2 x 3 frame keel roller assembly

This keel roller assembly has four different adjustments. Two corresponding bolts go through the keel assembly channel and crossmember. Record adjustment.

2 X 4 frame keel roller assembly

A larger keel roller assembly is used on 2 x 4 and larger frames.

  • Keel Roller is standard set in the lowest position. If lowest position is used, do not record any information.
  • One riser kit, which will raise the roller 3/4”, comes with keel roller. If it is used, it should be installed at the rear of the keel roller. Circle "rear" if one kit is used.
  • An additional kit, which when coupled with the first riser, will raise the roller 1 1/2”, is available as an accessory. When using the additional kit, make sure the front cross cushion riser is installed according to instructions on sheet SS1003. Circle both "front" and "rear."

Axle Measurement

Measure from back of rear U-bolt to end of side frame (not including taillight or step pad). Record this measurement.

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