STEP #5 (cont.)


STEP #4: Winch Post Adjustment... must be correct because improper adjustment
can be dangerous and may result in serious damage to the trailer, boat, or both.

A. Loosen all winch post adjustment bolts and slide the assembly toward the boat, positioning the bow stop roller just above the bow eye.

When positioning double-roller bow stop on larger tandem trailers, position upper roller just above the bow eye.

B. Attach the winch strap to the bow eye and wind the winch up tight to hold the post in the new position so that winch strap is in same horizontal plane as bow eye.
C. Tighten all adjustment bolts and loosen the winch strap to double check that the bow stop is in the proper position just above the bow eye. Winch should pull straight to the bow eye, not up or down.
D. When adjustment is complete, tighten the winch strap securely. Attach bow eye safety chain to the bow eye making sure it is attached at all times except when loading and unloading.
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