Be a Smart Buyer - PWC Trailers


Hit your dealer up with these question and they'll know you're a savvy shopper...

How can I find my closest ShoreLand’r dealer?
Use our dealer locator. If you have trouble locating a dealer for your area using this tool, that doesn’t always mean you don’t have one in your area. Please contact the distributor for your area; this distributor will provide the address and phone for your best dealer choice or choices.
What size trailer do I need for my PWC?
What regular maintenance is required on most trailers?
Do rollers or bunks support the boat better?
Do I need load guides on my trailer?
Does the law require brakes on my trailer?
What accessories will I need for my trailer?
How can I tell if I have a big enough tow vehicle to haul my boat and trailer?
Why are ShoreLand’r trailers better than Brand X?
Which trailer finish is best suited for my area?