Trailering Tips

To get the most out of boating you have to get the most out of your trailer. That's why we've put together this list of tips to make life easier.
On the Road
Before every trip with your trailer, be sure to check:
• Tires are properly inflated -
Inflate to the PSI recommended on the side of the tire. Under-inflated tires cause more blow-outs on the road than anything else. Also remember when buying spares or replacement tires, to check that the tow rating is the same as the originals. Click here for more information about tire wear.
• Coupler is latched
• Safety chains are secure -
Always crisscross the chains under the tongue. This prevents the tongue from dropping to the road if the coupler or ball hitch should fail.
• All lights are working properly -
It only takes a minute to ensure that running lights, stop lights and turn signals are working.
• Lug nuts are tight
• Boat is secured to the trailer -
Make sure the bow eye safety chain is secure and use a transom tie down or gunwale tie down to hold the boat solidly on the trailer.

Once you get out on the road:
• Avoid sudden stops and maneuvers -
Remember that your tow vehicle not only has to slow itself, but also several thousand pounds of boat and trailer. Leave plenty of room ahead, behind and beside you when on the road.
• Don't cut corners too tight -
Running over curbs or cutting corners can damage the sidewalls of your tires and damage your axle(s).

At the Ramp
These trailering tips segments are also available on our Trouble-Free Trailering DVD. Click here to receive your free copy.