ShoreLand’r Trailer Warranty

All ShoreLand’r Trailers come with one of the best warranties in the business. Our 5-year Plus Limited Warranty include a 1-Year, Tongue-to-Taillight Warranty that replaces any component which fails due to poor quality or workmanship within the first year of ownership. For more information, select from the list below or contact your local dealer.
 ShoreLand'r Boat and PWC Trailer Warranty
 ShoreLand'r PWC Trailer Warranty

Online Warranty Registration
New ShoreLand’r owners can now register their warranty online. Simply fill out our Warranty Registration form and click “submit” – it’s that easy!

How to Get Warranty Service for Your Trailer
If your trailer requires warranty service, please contact the dealer from whom you bought the trailer. If that is not possible, call Midwest Industries, Inc. at (800) 859-3028.