Trailer Storage and Maintenance

To get the most out of boating you have to get the most out of your trailer. That's why it's important to follow ShoreLand'rs tips for maintaining your trailer.

1. Keep it Clean
Be sure to rinse your trailer thoroughly after each use. If you own a painted trailer, use a good car wax to help protect the finish. Your dealer should be able to provide touch-up paint for repairing minor rock damage.

2. Check and pack wheel bearings yearly either when prepping for a new season or when ending the old season. During this inspection, you can decide if repacking the bearings and/or replacing them is necessary – many people repack their bearings once a year. We use over-based calcium sufonate but any good marine-grade grease will do. If you do not get an Owner’s Guide with your trailer, please go to our web site’s literature rack to request the necessary literature. For more information on packing your bearings:

3. Check the coupler for any unusual wear or damage. It is also important to keep the coupler clean and lubricated with a light coat of grease in the ball cavity.

4. Regularly check all nuts and bolts to see that they are tight.

5. On roller trailers, keep all rollers clean.

5.Regularly check your tires for unusual wear. Check out our tire wear troubleshooting guide..